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Public Attributes

_xd3_stream Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

xd3_addr_cache acache
xd3_desect addr_sect
xd3_alloc_func * alloc
usize_t avail_in
usize_t avail_out
usize_t buf_avail
uint8_t * buf_in
usize_t buf_leftavail
const uint8_t * buf_leftover
const xd3_dinstcode_table
const xd3_code_table_desc * code_table_desc
xd3_code_table_func * code_table_func
xd3_comp_table_func * comp_table_func
xoff_t current_window
xd3_desect data_sect
uint32_t dec_32part
uint64_t dec_64part
uint32_t dec_adler32
usize_t dec_appheadbytes
uint8_t * dec_appheader
uint32_t dec_appheadsz
uint8_t * dec_buffer
uint8_t dec_cksum [4]
usize_t dec_cksumbytes
uint8_t * dec_codetbl
usize_t dec_codetblbytes
uint32_t dec_codetblsz
const uint8_t * dec_cpyaddrbase
uint32_t dec_cpylen
xoff_t dec_cpyoff
xd3_hinst dec_current1
xd3_hinst dec_current2
usize_t dec_del_ind
uint32_t dec_enclen
usize_t dec_hdr_ind
usize_t dec_hdrsize
usize_t dec_lastlen
usize_t dec_lastspace
xoff_t dec_laststart
uint8_t * dec_lastwin
uint8_t dec_magic [4]
usize_t dec_magicbytes
usize_t dec_maxpos
usize_t dec_position
usize_t dec_secondid
xd3_decode_state dec_state
const uint8_t * dec_tgtaddrbase
uint32_t dec_tgtlen
usize_t dec_win_ind
usize_t dec_winbytes
xoff_t dec_window_count
xoff_t dec_winstart
const uint8_t * enc_appheader
usize_t enc_appheadsz
xd3_outputenc_heads [4]
xd3_encode_state enc_state
xd3_outputenc_tails [4]
int flags
xd3_free_func * free
xd3_getblk_func * getblk
usize_t i_slots_used
usize_t input_position
xd3_desect inst_sect
xd3_rlist iopt_free
usize_t iopt_size
usize_t iopt_unlimited
xd3_rlist iopt_used
xoff_t l_add
xoff_t l_run
xoff_t l_scpy
xoff_t l_tcpy
xd3_hash_cfg large_hash
usize_t * large_table
usize_t match_back
usize_t match_fwd
xoff_t match_last_srcpos
xoff_t match_maxaddr
usize_t match_maxback
usize_t match_maxfwd
xoff_t match_minaddr
xoff_t match_srcpos
xd3_match_state match_state
xoff_t maxsrcaddr
usize_t min_match
const char * msg
xoff_t n_add
xoff_t n_run
xoff_t n_scpy
xoff_t n_tcpy
const uint8_t * next_in
uint8_t * next_out
void * opaque
uint32_t recode_adler32
xd3_sec_cfg sec_addr
xd3_sec_cfg sec_data
xd3_sec_cfg sec_inst
xd3_sec_stream * sec_stream_a
xd3_sec_stream * sec_stream_d
xd3_sec_stream * sec_stream_i
const xd3_sec_typesec_type
xd3_hash_cfg small_hash
int small_reset
usize_t * small_table
xd3_smatcher smatcher
usize_t space_out
usize_t sprevmask
usize_t sprevsz
xoff_t srcwin_cksum_pos
int srcwin_decided
usize_t srcwin_maxsz
usize_t taroff
xoff_t total_in
xoff_t total_out
usize_t unencoded_offset
xd3_whole_state whole_target
usize_t winsize

Detailed Description

Definition at line 754 of file xdelta3.h.

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